Size: 30x40 cm, 11,8"x15,7" inches
Condition: Excellent Brand new
Type: Original Oil Painting on Canvas 

Welcome to my online gallery!

My name is Anastasia Strizhkova. I was born in 1982 in Moscow, currently live in Germany. It appeared that oil is my material, as it is alive, fragile, it easily conveys mood. You can create miracles with it!

I lived in the Alps five years. Here I write from nature mountain landscapes, lakes, rivers, forests. Mountains are my lifelong love. Wind on the tops, bright sun, lush grass, clear water - and I want to share them with everyone!

I have always been interested in some esoteric questions - what is the Soul? What is the true human potential? What is enlightenment? Are there other forms of life? What is life? What … am I? I was looking for the answers to these questions in different places, in meditations, on the ground and even underground, and now I embody it in my paintings.

Recently I came to understand that I have finally found my life's work. I like to create and share beauty. And I have no desire to leave the paintings themselves, their purpose - to please others, to create the mood, decorate the house, give a bit of sun and light! I hope that you will enjoy them too!

My gallery is located in the heart of Oberammergau. Here my work is exhibited in a spacious 60qm area.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I look forward to your mails!

Best greetings from Germany,
Anastasia Strizhkova

Original Painting Canvas Art Wall Oil Painting Artwork Modern Art Interior Design on canvas

Winter light

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